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Advances in Microscopy of Adhesive Bondline Analyses

March 10, 2015 –  

by Audrey Zink-Sharp


Entire bondline image, unstained, southern yellow pine, phenolic adhesive, brightfield, K. Mirabile Entire bondline image, unstained, southern yellow pine, phenolic adhesive, brightfield, K. Mirabile


WBC Graduate Fellow Kyle Mirable and Professor Audrey Zink-Sharp have explored and established a video microscopy technique in Zink-Sharp’s lab that digitally acquires and stitches up to 50 microscopic images into a single large-scale image of a wood and adhesive bondline. This is the first large-scale effort into comprehensive visualization of adhesive penetration and flow with wood adherends. Kyle’s technique allows imaging large, continuous regions of earlywood and latewood in one integrated bondline image for the first time.

Previously, scientists were required to use tiny incomplete portions of microscopic images to accomplish what Kyle has provided in large format for our research. Our laboratory is the only one of its kind with this capability due entirely to Kyle’s efforts. The large-scale digital microscopy is a complement to other adhesive bonding research being conducted by the NSF I/UCRC Wood-Based Composites Center at Virginia Tech.


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