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SBIO delivers Summer Camp training for various High School groups in Bioenergy

Oct. 4, 2016 –  

By Henry Quesada


Governor ́s School students learn the operation of a solar water pump. Governor ́s School students learn the operation of a solar water pump.

August, 2016. Blacksburg, VA. The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech participated in the delivery of hands-on educational activities to over 150 High School students of various High School programs during Summer 2016.

A total of 100 Governor´s School for Agriculture students visited Brooks Forest Products Laboratory from June 27-30, 2016 to learn about bioenergy and solar energy.  SBIO owns and operates a small-scale syngas power plant capable of produce 10,000 watts/hour. The power plant feeds on biomass, specifically hardwood and softwood chips.



Achievable Dream Academy Students Achievable Dream Academy Students

Three learning stations were set up for the students to learn about the biomass production system. Station one was designed to train students on the specific requirements related to the biomass feedstock, including source, transportation, preparation, storage, and specific physical and mechanical properties. The second station demonstrated the operation of the power plant including maintenance and applications in different settings. A third station was set to show case solar power applications in agriculture. This learning station was delivered by Extension Specialist John Ignosh, faculty at The Biosystems Engineering Department. Students in this station learn how to operate a solar water pump.

Other High School groups that came to SBIO this Summer to learn more about bioenergy were the Achievable Dream Academy program and the Youth Conservation Camp. These two groups visited Brooks Forest Products Laboratory in different dates during June and July to learn about bionenergy and the biomass power plant.

The learning activities on the biomass power plant were prepared and delivered by research associate Jeremy Withers and undergraduate Sean Sneed under the direction of Dr. Henry Quesada, professor at SBIO.

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