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Local Industry Supports VT Teaching Efforts

Nov. 12, 2013 – Turman Lumber Company again supported the teaching efforts in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials by allowing student to tour and by supplying lumber for a class project. The tour and lumber were used in SBIO 3436 Wood Products Manufacturing. Truman Bolt, manager of the Turman facility in Radford, graciously allowed students to tour the Radford sawmill for one laboratory period. The students took measurements of lumber thickness and machine operating effectiveness which were then used to evaluate the mill’s performance. Truman also supplied the lumber used in the class drying lab, where the students were responsible for drying 800 board feet of 5/4 yellow poplar in a steam heated dry kiln. Thanks to Truman Bolt and all the folks at Turman Lumber for their support of our undergraduate teaching efforts. These efforts help students to engage in taking concepts taught in class and applying them to real production situations.


2013 Wood products manufacturing class says, “Thank you,” to Turman Lumber. 2013 Wood products manufacturing class says, “Thank you,” to Turman Lumber.



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