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Participation In The 2014 Packaging ICPF Teleconference

March 18, 2014 – By Young Teck Kim
There were two packaging students, Cyrus Adibpour (Senior) and Megan Stallings (Sophomore) honorably selected by IC PF to participate at the broadcast site in East Lansing, MI during the 17th annual IC PF Careers in Corrugated Packaging & Display Teleconference conducted on February 20, 2014. This IC PF award also includes their participation as a guest speaker in the IC PF reception party, dinner and many meetings with other Teleconference industry speakers. The Center for Packaging and Unit Load (Virginia Tech, Director: Laszlo Horvath) sponsored one flying ticket for educational participation of students. Previously, ICPF has donated several pieces of equipment including a CAD table, scholarships, and travel awards to the VT-Packaging program. Very recently, IC PF donated a few packaging testing equipment (arranged by Dr. Bob Bush). These donations help our packaging program continue to remain high quality in order to raise leaders within the packaging society. 


2014 Packaging ICPF Teleconference Tyler Matusevich, alumni of VT packaging program, is moderating the 17th IC PF Teleconference Meeting at Lancing, WI .


Around 25 current packaging students participated in the meeting through video conference call at Cheatham and the first generation of VT packaging students, Tyler Matusevich (2013 class) who is working at Rocktenn (second largest company in the corrugated industry), was invited to this meeting as a moderator.



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