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Welcome our New Graduate Students

Oct. 20, 2015 –  

    Snapshot Christa Stables

Christa Stables is a first year Master’s degree candidate working with Dr. Frazier, studying the wetting and diffusion of various liquid-wood interfaces. her under- graduate degree was also in Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia tech, with a minor in chemistry. She is recently married, and is looking forward to sharing this experience with her new husband. She would ultimately like to work out in the field, in a mill environment, while doing work with adhesives as well.


    Samantha Phanthanousy
Samantha Phanthanousy graduated from Virginia Tech this past may and received a Bachelors in Packaging Systems and Design. She participated in two undergraduate research symposiums and spent one summer assisting a doctorate student with his dissertation. Samantha also worked as a lab technician in the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia tech. As a master’s degree candidate working with Dr. Horvath, Samantha’s research interest focuses on the interaction between pallets and packages. The interaction is observed by how different design factors of the pallets and packages can impact each other. When Samantha is not working on research, she enjoys going hiking and playing soccer. She also loves to cook and just enjoys the company of her friends.


    Snapshot Christian Birkett

Christian Birkett is a dual MS candidate from southwestern Virginia, studying in SBIO and Industrial & Systems Engineering. He is working under Dr. Goodell and is researching the future supply chain for nanocellulose products. He did his undergraduate work here at VT in the materials science and engineering program.


    Eduardo Molina

Eduardo Molina came from Costa Rica, where he obtained a B.S degree in Industrial Production Engineering from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. In the final year of college, he began working for Kimberly-Clark Corporation as an intern in the area of Operations Research and Analytics, specifically focusing on optimization of the production scheduling. after graduation, Eduardo stayed working there as a Planning Analyst for Finished Goods for the region of Central America and the Caribbean. He worked in this role for three years, where he was responsible of the distribution requirement planning and the supply planning for multiple distribution centers in different countries. As a Master’s Degree Candidate working with Dr. Horvath, Eduardo’s research interests lie in the area of continuous improvement and optimization of the whole supply and distribution chain, involving areas from inventory planning to the optimization of the unit loads in the logistics operations, in order to streamline the distribution network and provide continuously better and more profitable results. On the personal side, Eduardo enjoys watching soccer games (especially the ones from Cartago, a great team!) as well as traveling to meet new people and cultures.




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