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Honored friends visit students in The Wood Enterprise Institute

May 21, 2015 –  

By Earl Kline


Honored friends visit students in The Wood Enterprise Institute Jan and Claire, front left, and Gail and Kit accept gifts from the students — this year’s WEI customizable bottle opener.

In March and April the Wood Enterprise Institute was honored by visits from Jan and Kit Kennedy and Brooks Whitehurst, all who have been strong supporters and contributors to WEI and other programs in the College of Natural Resources and Environment. On Tuesday, march 31 Jan and Claire Kennedy and Kit and Gail Kennedy from the Acorn Alcinda Foundation joined the WEI students during their weekly business meeting. The Acorn Alcinda Foundation supports entrepreneurial leadership. Jan and kit were given an update of progress made toward WEI’s 2014-2015 project activities. the students responded well to Jan and kit’s tough questions about WEI business activities.

The next honor was when Brooks Whitehurst visited the students on April 7. Brooks has been a long-time contributor to the Wood Enterprise Institute to support the learning experience offered to develop leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. the WEI team enjoyed Brooks’ valuable professional business advice and witty comments about all the unexpected things that happen even when well thought out plans are made.


Mr. Brooks Whitehurst and WEI group Mr. Brooks Whitehurst contributing his insightful business tips coming from his many years of successful business experience.


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