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2016 Fall Semester Starts with SBIO welcome party and Gobblertfest

Oct. 4, 2016 – By Young Kim


Students, faculty and sta  joined together at the SBIO BBQ held out- side of Cheatham Hall. Students, faculty and sta joined together at the SBIO BBQ held out- side of Cheatham Hall.

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016 a Sustainable Biomaterials BBQ was held outside of Cheatham Hall. The SBIO and Packaging Systems and Design Club provided the main entrees and lawn games as students provided side dishes and drinks. Many forward to this coming semester. Exciting events this semester that were discussed are hiking trips, ice cream socials, and especially Pack Expo. Twenty members of the Packaging Systems and Design Club will be attending Pack Expo in Chicago, Illinois faculty, staff and students joined together to enjoy the food and converse among each other in a more casual setting, allowing a foundation for more connections. This event allowed older members of the SBIO and Packaging Systems and Design Club to introduce themselves to newer members of the clubs and explain different events that they have to look Nov 6-9 which is the world’s largest trade show. This allows students to meet with companies and learn about their processes as well as introduce themselves and enhance their own Networks.
Friday Sept. 2, 2016 was Gobblerfest, which is an annual festival where students are able to discover numerous clubs, organizations and other activities provided through the school as well as in the community. The Packaging Systems and Design Club participated in this event in hopes of attracting more members to the club as well as the major. At the booth, the club handed out bottled water and keurig coffee to attract students to the booth, which then allowed the members to talk about the club and the activities and benefits the club offers to students, such as professional development. A huge attraction to the table was a Hokie bird statue designed completely out of corrugated board standing on a pallet designed by a Virginia Tech Packaging Systems and Design Alumni. Overall, Gobblerfest was a huge success as there were multiple pages  filled with names and emails of students who are interested in learning more about the club and become a part of it.

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