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USDA Vietnam Cochran Fellows Visit Department

April 26, 2016 –  

By Bob Smith

    USDA Vietnam cochran Fellows visit Department

The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials hosted four Vietnamese Cochran Fellows and their USDA-FAS advisor for two weeks the beginning of November to better understand forest practices and forest product manufacturing and markets in the United States.  The Fellows came from all regions of Vietnam and were owners or top management personnel in primary and secondary manufacturing companies.  Each of the companies are major importers of US hardwood lumber into Vietnam.  The teaching faculty included Dr. Scott Barrett and Ms. Jennifer Gagnon from the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, and Drs. Brian Bond, Henry Quesada and Bob Smith from SBIO.  The program coordinator was Jeremy Withers, a MS student in SBIO.  The program started with two days of forestry education with trips to the college’s Fishburn forest and an active logging site.  The Fellows were quite interested in sustainable practices and the certification of forest land.  They spent a day on hardwood lumber manufacturing and drying offered by Dr. Bond.  They toured sawmills, secondary processing operations, a lumber wholesaler, and hardwood distributor in Central Virginia.  They spent an afternoon at the Virginia Department of Forestry to better understand the monitoring and planning of forestry operations.  The second week focused on markets and secondary manufacturing including tours of mills in southwest Virginia.  Mr. Mike Snow, Executive Director of the American Hardwood Export Council spoke on international markets for US hardwoods and Ryan Turman of the Turman Lumber group discussed their companies export operations.  The fellows were interested in new products from hardwoods and learning about future opportunities for collaboration with the US.


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