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Our Students' Stories

See and hear from the students of the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

Read and hear stories of students in the department as they discuss and share their experiences, aspirations, and where they are headed in the future. Students Stories can be heard on the Sustainable Biomaterials YouTube Channel

Heather Wise

Sustainable Biomaterials Student's Experience

Heather shares her experiences and aspirations as student in our department.

Zach C.

Packaging Science


Zach discusses his student Internship with PrintPack Company, which lead to a career position offer as a Product Development Engineer:

“I was commended for my degree choice regarding this position because of the cookie cutter backgrounds of traditional chemical/material engineers that work in product development for packaging. They like the versatility of the degree and the fact I managed to cross-discipline in food science. I'll keep you updated on my results, but everyone was eager to interview me and praised my work ethic and behavior.”

Christa W.

Freshman transfer, Wood Materials Science.


Christa comments below on her experience in the department, and how it has led to a Summer Internship sponsored by the National Science Foundation:

“I transferred into the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials as a freshman from biochemistry, because I wanted to do more with environmental issues and find better ways of using and protecting our natural resources in the world. It's been a great experience, and already I have an NSF internship to work with one of the professors in the department on a project related to environmental protection.”

Peter N.

Sophomore, Wood Materials Science.

    Peter N.

Peter comments below on the department, and his work with one of the Professors in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials.

“I can't imagine any other department at Tech where everyone is as passionate about what they do. The level of dedication and enthusiasm of every student and professor in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials is something I never experienced before. I'm only a Sophomore and I've already gotten a chance to do fascinating research with real world applications. I love it!”

Paige M.

Sophomore Residential Wood Structures


Paige, Sophomore in the Department talks about why students find the department to be open and helpful.

"I was originally interested in Architecture, but found out it was more 'artsy' than what I was looking for. I was always in love with the structural aspects of building rather than the art side. A lot of the classes that I take deal with the structural aspects of buildings... Also, being in such a big school like Virginia Tech it can feel overwhelming sometimes, but you go out to the Brooks Center and... It feels like you're in a different's really nice to be in a department that is so helpful."

Jeff D.

Senior, Wood Materials Science.

Jeff discusses undergraduate research opportunities and the valuable experience he has received in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials.

"Since my sophomore year I have been doing undergraduate research... You can get paid, you can get credit. It is really an experience that I have found very helpful."
"We are going to run out of petroleum at some point in time, and the only thing we can do is look for sustainable solutions such as biomaterials and bioenergy... Necessity drives innovation and what we need to do is really embrace that... What this department is doing is looking toward the future."

Rosemary M.

Junior, Packaging Systems and Design


Rosemary discusses the many ways that Packaging Systems and Design impacts our lives.

“From the packaging of life-giving medical transplants to the transport of food and supplies to people in need overseas, the field of Packaging Systems and Design will help Rosemary make a difference in the world”



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